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We had such a great time talking to The Campag Kid last week that we have invited him on for a few more shows to fill in the Campagnolo story. We had such a flow going for pt 2 here that we ended up with over 90 minutes of unmissable audio.

Given how most folks like to listen to content these days we have broken this down to pt 2 this week and into pt 3 next week. Not to fear, as we shall also record a pt 4 to finish where we get right up to the 12 and 13 spd era.

To say there were some eye openers in this show is an understatement! The Campag Kid’s empirical knowledge, backed up by years of riding and fully refurbishing Campagnolo equipment means that we are now students in his university.

So, quiet at the back, notebooks at the ready as Professor Campagnolo is in the house!


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