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In 2007 Sean Lally started a bicycle maintenance brand from the back of a narrowboat in London. Determined to help service the capital’s growing passion for all things bicycle, he knew that there was a massive demand for a high quality, professional maintenance service to help facilitate people both getting on their bikes, and staying on their bikes.

Within 12 months his boat was struggling under the weight of spare parts and bicycle tools, and he moved into his first workshop. By now he and his team of mechanics were maintaining bicycles all over Greater London – including emergency service bicycles and the “Boris Bike” (London’s cycle share) scheme – and had won several prestigious multi-site servicing contracts to boot.


Consistently voted number one by customers for his performance in fixing their prized bicycles, Sean went on to expand Cycle Systems to open London’s first bicycle maintenance training academy and successfully raised finance for this venture in 2009.

Since those early days, Cycle Systems has gone on to train thousands of keen cyclists – many of whom have opened bicycle related ventures themselves – in the fine art of bicycle maintenance.


The academy also attracted state of the art trade sponsorship from legendary cycle brands such as Pedros Tools, Trek, SRAM, Giant and more, and has won prestigious industry awards for the quality of its delivery too.

The cycle systems podcast

As interest in Cycle Systems grew, Sean went onto launch the Cycle Systems Podcast with podcasting favourites Velocast, attracting thousands more fans and hosting incredible guests like Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly, Scott Draw (head of innovation and performance at Team Sky/Ineos), Dimitris Katsanis (designer of British Cyclings Olympic squad bikes) and more.

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In response to customer demand from around the globe then, Cycle Systems Online was born. More cutting edge, technically informed, high quality educational material can now be enjoyed – with Cycle Systems online providing courses to both beginner and expert levels and everything in between.

As Sean himself likes to say – there is constantly something to learn about bicycle maintenance. Cycle Systems Online is, at its heart, a community of people passionate about understanding and working with cycle tech.