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As you may have noticed this is our 100th episode of our podcast. From early days on steam powered internet in Devon, to broadcasting from Cycle System’s new Bond villain lair in Switzerland we have had quite a fun ride with these shows.

To create a nice symmetry, the first thirty episodes, which we thought were lost, have been sent to us by longtime listener, Roger Stilwell. We have now got them uploaded, in order on the feed. Just scroll back to find some real gems. What is interesting is that even in five years, these early shows are time capsules in many ways.

We’ll get them uploaded to the website, with some shownotes soon.

Anyway, we wouldn’t let ep 100 pass us by without doing something special right? Beginning on the idea of covering, ‘100 Years of Bike Tech’ we firstly talk to the wonderful @thecampagkid of Twitter and Insta fame. I’m sure you’ll agree that this conversation just gets us started on Campagnolo history, so look out for a follow up episode or two!

We then leap into the 21st Century with Dave Roam from Dave has a stunningly empirical knowledge of bike tech and especially tools. Here is a sample of Dave’s work, probably the ultimate article on chain efficiency.

If you think you know your Torx from your Torque, listen on.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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